About Professional Legal Services

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Our Company

PLS was incorporated in 1974. We are a friendly, family run business and will communicate with you to your satisfaction. When you call or email our office during normal business hours (9:00am to 5:00pm), you will connect directly to one of our staff. Our long-term staff on employees and contractors have the experience and expertise to handle all types of situations.

Full Litigation Support

Let Professional Legal Services, Inc. (PLS) save you valuable office time by handling all of your firm’s legal support service needs. We provide service of process using professional registered process servers. We offer local and out of area court filings via courier, fax or email throughout California. We also offer professional level court research with our highly trained court research staff. We will always take a professional approach to your firm’s legal service needs!

We can arrange service of process worldwide or locally with our registered process servers who are well aquainted with legal documents and their proper handling. We also can prepare the documents to serve Notices of Levy, Notices of Attachment and Earning Withholding Orders for law office clients.

We provide onsite photocopy service using state of the art scanning equipment, electronic bate stamping and can provide your copies on paper, CD or via email. Please inquire about our document production services and subpoena preparation services.

We also provide the best in court research and filing services. Our staff is highly trained in the most difficult court research assignments including property records, indexing court records, archived files, etc. We can file your documents that you mail, overnight, fax or email to our office including chambers copies to the Federal Courts and immediate filings to other courts throughout the US.