Our Policies & Procedures

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We Value Our Clients

Please keep the following policies and procedures in mind as we always strive to meet your expectations. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • All fees are per service, not per address.
  • Summons & Complaints for Unlawful Detainer will always be treated and billed as rushes unless otherwise instructed by the client on the service invoice.
  • Notices (3, 10, 30 day) will always be treated as rushes unless noted otherwise on the service instructions and will be attempted same or next day as a rush throughout California.
  • Charges for receiving or sending faxes or large PDF attachments, copy costs, costs for overnight courier (i.e. FedEx) are not included and will be added accordingly. We charge a 10% surcharge when advancing fees; if you provide a credit card we can reduce that charge to a 2% processing fee. We also charge a fuel surcharge when a job requires a driver.
  • We will always call or email you with a confirmation or status that a rush or special assignment has been completed.
  • After a 1-2 day processing period at our office, routine services are given to our servers, who attempt service within 72 hours and a minimum of three times a week (local bay area counties) and within five days and a minimum of two times a week in other areas of the state.
  • Service out of state varies by area. Remote areas are not attempted as frequently as metropolitan areas.